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Cornell University conducted extensive testing of the SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard, and found that it greatly reduces the risk of Repetitive Motion Injury (carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.) Please watch the 3.5 minute streaming video; just click on the video camera to the right.

Every keyboard claims to have a new ergonomic design. Unfortunately, there is no standard for calling something 'ergonomic'. The word is commercially over-worked and functionally meaningless. Our video demonstrates that the most common 'ergonomic' keyboards simply shift the location of tension from the wrists and forearms up to the neck and shoulders.

How the SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard Works
  • It doesn't just move the problem to another
    area of the body.

  • It eliminates the 3 most damaging postures:

    1. Extension

    2. Deviation

    3. Pronation

  • It solves real problems, not imaginary ones.

Available in black only

Ask yourself this question. "Will my comfort be increased by using keyboards that create more tension in my neck and shoulders?

The Science of Biomechanics shows that many computer keyboards are seriously flawed in actual use. Most keyboard designs are modifications of a flat keyboard. The designer of the patented SafeTypeTM keyboard asked instead, "What is the most neutral location for human hands and then how do we place the keys to be available to the fingers while the user is in that position ?"

The SafeTypeTM is the only keyboard that can place the user in a position that is completely Orthopedically NeutralTM while doing data entry and cannot be adjusted improperly by the user. It provides unsurpassed comfort.

The SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard is the only keyboard demonstrated in a Major University Study to virtually eliminate the high-stress postures that contribute to Repetitive Stress Injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you stand with your arms relaxed at your sides, and use only the biceps to bring your hands up and forward until your forearms are parallel to the floor, you are now in the most relaxed typing position possible, with your palms facing each other. That is the position you are in when typing with the SafeType KeyboardTM.

SafeTypeTM keyboards were designed according to scientific Biomechanical Principles, not simply modified from old flat keyboard designs. It's the Science of Biomechanics at work for you!

Don't just take our word for it. Watch our streaming video so you understand the principles of the design. Then take a look to see what users of our keyboards have to say about them!

You can train yourself to be a competent Touch Typist in as little as 90 minutes. You must be a competent Touch Typist to effectively use the SafetypeTM.

30-day moneyback guarantee.*
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USB CONNECTORS: The lavender connector acitvates the keyboard; the black connector activates the USB port at the back of the keyboard.

From time to time we can offer refurbished keyboards. These are usually units that have been out for evaluation, short term lease, etc. Guaranteed excellent condition; full one-year warranty, but no return privilege. Please check availability and pricing in our webshop

ABOUT THE INSTALLATION CD: The SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard is fully functional with a Mac but it is not necessary to install the CD. Do not install the CD with a Mac or with a Windows system later than XP.

NOTE TO MAC USERS: We have many happy Mac customers. However, no Mac-specific drivers are provided, and the Internet hot keys are not functional with a Mac. Although there is not a separate key for opening the CD Drive, the F12 key may be depressed and held to perform this function. The Safetype Keyboard is "plug & play."

PROGRAMMERS, TRANSCRIPTIONISTS, COURT REPORTERS, ETC: Please review the key layout photos to be sure that any special key combinations you use will be accommodated.

Note: The SafetypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard is not offered as a cure for any medical condition.

* If necessary to return, email us for Return Instructions. A 12% restocking fee will apply on all returns, except for defective exchanges.


"Two days of use and no more pain! Why would you use a different keyboard?"
- Jon Simasek
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The SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard is ideal for writers's note: I switched back to the SafeType keyboard to write this (keyboard review) summary."
- Robyn Peterson


The SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard substantially reduces the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury, according to research at Cornell University.
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