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Most 'ergonomic' keyboards work very much like hitting your thumb with a hammer to make you forget about a headache. Sure, you forget about the headache, but didn’t you just trade your old problem for some new ones ?

Whenever you try out a new ‘ergonomic’ keyboard, pay particular attention to where your elbows are. Do you have weightless, floating arms? Most of us don’t. That means if the design causes your elbows to be spread out in order to straighten the wrist, you are going to have to support those upper arms with straining muscles, because they can no longer relax and hang effortlessly from the shoulder. See an example by moving your cursor over the indicated area on the graphic below:

Many split and angled designs simply move the problem from your wrists to your neck and shoulders. Do you need more tension in your neck and shoulders?

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Note: The Safetype™ keyboard is not offered as a cure for any medical condition. If you have been typing on other keyboards, it may be possible that an injury process which has already begun could become apparent after you change keyboards. The manufacturer makes no curative or medical claims for this device. Every keyboard user should take appropriate breaks.

"Two days of use and no more pain! Why would you use a different keyboard?"
- Jon Simasek
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The SafeType vertical keyboard is ideal for writers's note: I switched back to the SafeType keyboard to write this (keyboard review) summary."
- Robyn Peterson


The SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard substantially reduces the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury, according to research at Cornell University.
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