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The 1896 Underwood typewriter is a complex instrument. In order for a single letter to be printed, the key had to be struck with enough force to swing a long lever up and strike a ribbon with sufficient force to transfer the image of the letter to paper.

Underwood ca. 1896, Courtesy of Milwaukee Museum

The point is this: Many older typewriters required huge keystroke forces compared to modern keyboards, yet nobody seemed to get chronic pain problems! (Old typewriters did not, however, require the constant tension called static muscle loading. Nor did they relax the large muscles developed for greater work, while using the small muscles and tendons continuously.)

Yet some ‘ergonomic keyboards’ are sold by implying that they have reduced the risk of injury by reducing the keystroke force! This is ‘solving a problem that didn’t exist’!

Has any sound scientific study been done that indicates that keystroke force alone is a factor in the development of any kind of Repetitive Strain Injury? We can’t find one.

Don’t buy a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. The only solution demonstrated to help prevent factors proven to contribute to injury is one that is ‘orthopedically neutral’.

The only ‘ergonomic’ keyboards that will help prevent injury are those that cannot be adjusted improperly, and which eliminate significant amounts of extension, deviation, and pronation of the wrist. Anything else is a waste of your money.

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Note: The Safetype™ keyboard is not offered as a cure for any medical condition. If you have been typing on other keyboards, it may be possible that an injury process which has already begun could become apparent after you change keyboards. The manufacturer makes no curative or medical claims for this device. Every keyboard user should take appropriate breaks.

"Two days of use and no more pain! Why would you use a different keyboard?"
- Jon Simasek
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The SafeType vertical keyboard is ideal for writers's note: I switched back to the SafeType keyboard to write this (keyboard review) summary."
- Robyn Peterson


The SafeTypeTM Ergonomic Keyboard substantially reduces the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury, according to research at Cornell University.
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